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Mission and Philosophy

Family Transition, Inc. is a private for profit entity. Our philosophy is based on the family unit and its importance in society to provide for the well being of individuals. Our primary purpose is to identify at-risk youths, adults and families and provide quality services, which are designed to strengthen and preserve families and to maintain individuals at their home and in their community. In doing so, we strive to preserve and reunite the core family, assist families to develop appropriate boundaries while decreasing inappropriate behaviors, intervene in the school setting where needed and provide ongoing structure and support to the entire family. We strive to empower families to effectively utilize community and internal resources to achieve positive outcomes.

Our philosophy has been developed with the vision of providing comprehensive community-based services for individuals with mental health issues as we provide an array of therapeutic services. This can include psychiatric problems related to mood disorders, thought disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders as well as disruptive behaviors. The focus of our services will be centered on the development of self-concept that will become positive enough to allow our clients to explore their world in a healthier way. This will be supported by staff’s interventions that promote a sense of acceptance and success. Our clients benefit from positive experiences, which will enhance their understanding of their role in relationships and assist them in the development of adaptive responses to stress/problems and enhance their potential for independence.

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